Introduction to Design Systems

Modal exercise solution

I first downloaded my Sign In illustration as an SVG and added to the assets/illustrations folder. Because it's a simple SVG file we don't have to add it to the exports in index.js.

Next inside Modals.js I imported both text fields, secondary button and the sign in illustration.

import { CloseIcon } from "../assets";
import { PrimaryButton, SecondaryButton } from "./Buttons";
import { EmailInput, PasswordInput } from "./TextFields";

I refactored SignUpHeader to be ModalHeader so it's more extensible, and updated the respective JSX tags.

const ModalHeader = styled.h3`
  font-size: ${typeScale.header3};


<ModalHeader>Sign Up</ModalHeader>

Next I created the SignInModal component. I need a two-column layout so I created a new ModalWrapper.

const ColumnModalWrapper = styled(ModalWrapper)`
  flex-direction: row;
  justify-content: space-around;
export const SignInModal = () => (
      <ModalHeader>Sign In</ModalHeader>
      <EmailInput label="Email" placeholder="" />
      <PasswordInput label="Password" />
      <SecondaryButton style={{ margin: "16px 16px 0 0" }}>
        Sign Up
      <PrimaryButton>Sign In</PrimaryButton>
    <img src={SignIn} alt="Sign in to your account" />
    <CloseModalButton onClick={() => console.log("You closed the modal!")}>
      <CloseIcon />

You can import this to index.js and test it out!

Sign in

If you're lost or missed some code, you can check out the branch step-1-styled-components on the GitHub repo!