Introduction to Design Systems

Documenting components with Storybook

Storybook allows you to document components in isolation. While there are many uses and benefits above and beyond simply documenting your components, this is how we'll be using it today.

Initializing Storybook

To add Storybook to our design system, let's run the following command.

npx -p @storybook/cli sb init

This will create a .storybook directory in the root of your project.

It will also create a stories/ directory inside of the src/ folder. If we expand it, we'll see 0-Welcome.stories.js and 1-Button.stories.js.

Run npm run storybook to start your development server.

Let's delete the src/stories directory completely. Storybook creates the stories/ folder initially because it isn't aware of your project architecture. But we're aware of it so let's refactor.