Introduction to Design Systems


Design systems have been a passion of mine for the last couple of years so I'm thrilled to teach you this course.

You will learn many skills, some of which may be new and some of which you may have prior experience with. I will cover the pieces of each technology you need to know to complete this course, but this course will not be an in-depth tutorial for any one technology.

We will be coding in React, so it's recommended you have React knowledge prior to taking this course, but the rest of the skills we'll learn don't require prior experience. ` Some of the topics and technologies we'll cover include:

  • Foundations of design systems
  • Foundations of design
  • Designing with Figma
  • Developing styled components
  • Animating components with react-spring
  • Documenting components with Storybook
  • Tooling & resources

About Me

I'm Emma Bostian, a Software Engineer at LogMeIn in Karlsruhe, Germany. Born and raised in Upstate New York, I graduated from Siena College in 2015 with a B.S. in Computer Science and moved down to Austin, Texas where I began my first full-time software job at IBM.

After three years with IBM I sold everything and moved to Germany where I've lived for the past two years.

In my spare time I do a multitude of fun activities. I am a co-host of the Ladybug Podcast and panelist on JS Party. I write blogs for Ultimate Courses, Stack Overflow, and Dev. I create courses for LinkedIn Learning, Frontend Masters, and And I speak at conferences!

If you have any questions during or after this course, feel free to contact me on Twitter @emmabostian.