Introduction to Design Systems

Getting started

You should create an account on Figma. This is where we'll be designing our color palette, typography, and components.

You should also create an account on Netlify so you can deploy your Storybook application.

What This Course Is

This course is a high-level introduction to design systems. It will teach you the foundational skills your team needs to build a set of reusable components and standards.

What This Course Is Not

This course is not a comprehensive overview to design systems. There is no industry-standard for what a design system truly is, and as a result it can be interpreted differently at different companies.

Course Updates

If you find any mistakes, feel free to open a PR on the course repository.

Getting Started

If you'd like to view the working app, follow the steps below.

Running the development server

  1. Clone this repo git clone
  2. Install dependencies with npm i
  3. Start the development server npm start

    _If you hit a "path argument must be of type string" error during build, make sure react-scripts is version 3.4.0, delete node_modules, and re-install dependencies with npm i. You can read more abou this error here.

Viewing the Storybook

To view the Storybook, you can run it locally with the following steps.

  1. Clone this repo git clone
  2. Install dependencies with npm i
  3. Start Storybook with npm run storybook.

You can also visit the Netlify site here.